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Hello! Here's an entry to explain some stuffs around my inactivity, specially regarding these past two weeks.

First off, let me start with an apology for the sudden silence, whatever happens, it really sucks to feel uncertainty, that's one of the things I dislike most in life so is the last thing I want to show to my followers, I'm sorry about that! it wasn't my intention but I lost my means to communicate with you all.

What happened? well, at first it was just my phone's battery that suddenly died, but then I hurt my nose pretty bad (not in a fight!) so I was having problems to breath or sleep, because of that I got a fever and during my rest I lost internet... What happened through my mind the moment I realized it was "You better come tomorrow because this sounds like Bullshit!" but nope, that happened in October 30 and is now that the internet is back, so I Was sick, without phone and without internet ... Basically abandoned in oblivion for what (for me haha) it felt like an eternity, honest I was feeling very lonely! the world moves on and if you stay behind you'll be forgotten and I'm a very quiet person... What if you don't even notice? TT-TT I don't want to disappear just like that!

Well, that's how living in Venezuela can be sometimes, or having bad luck in general. Is not the first time something like this happens to me, at the start of the year it was worse, but I want you to know, unless an asteroid falls in my home, I will most likely be working and watching Symphogear or Bodacious Space Pirates at home.

Although I was working, I had a lot of free time without internet (sometimes without electricity), made me realize some stuff, think about priorities so while I'm not in danger or sick, I'm going to make some visits to a doctor for some treatments I need, I've been leaving my personal health as a secondary though all my life, but it's time to stop that, or else it might come a day where it will really be too late... You don't have to worry, I'll be going there to improve my life! it won't affect my work but I foresee many visits in the upcoming months. I can do this thanks to my drawings too, the work I do with them and the support I receive. Thank you!

PS: There's a cat in the house now... An orange cat, so maybe last time everything was bad, so now is time to have many good things? I hope! or maybe is the universe telling me to make more Orange Heart Neko

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